Mission Cognition, LLC

                                                Social Skills Development Center



 Our passion lies in teaching the "soft skills" needed to be more successful in a wide range of social settings!  We are committed to teaching communication, play and social skills via a behavior analytic framework with an emphasis on natural environment teaching & role play. We utilize only evidence-based practices and serve learners with special educational needs ages 4- 17 (young adult program coming soon!) Our focus is on getting to know the unique needs of each of our participants  and their families in order to tailor a program to meet those needs successfully.

We utilize strategies and interventions supported by the research which have been shown to be effective when replicated. You and your special needs child's time is very valuable and we take meaningful and productive use of that time very seriously.  We still however, love to have fun! We are a very naturalistic setting and make it our mission to capitalize on as many natural teaching opportunities as we can as well as contrive situations in which new skills can be prompted, utilized and reinforced.  You would be amazed at how many socially significant skills can be targeted via a game of bingo, dance party or scavenger hunt!

In addition to direct service, we also offer ongoing training opportunities for parents as well as professionals because as we know, intervention and support  must carry over outside of our four walls in order to  produce meaningful, generalized and long lasting results. 

Please note that a diagnosis is not required to participate in any of our programs.

We welcome you to contact us today to set up a tour and learn more about our mission.

Hope to see you soon!

Warmest Regards,
Ashley and Team Mission Cognition