Mission Cognition, LLC

                                                Social Skills Development Center


Our Story

...And we've loved every minute of it

Our First Home

In 2013, the first Mission Cognition opened in a 500 sf office to provide social skills instruction to learners with special educational needs. At that time, the business was a one-woman show. As word spread about a goal driven social skills program based on research and using naturalistic interventions, employees were hired and the MC team grew. While that first space was outgrown in a matter of 6 months, it will always be remembered fondly. 

Where are we now?

Mission Cognition's "home base" is in a 3,000 sf Social Skills Development Center in Hillsborough, NJ with a satellite location in Metuchen, NJ and a summer program in Jersey City, NJ. Mission Cognition is a well respected social skills program known for utilizing evidence-based practices. The Mission Cognition team has  served hundreds of families and to date has provided consultation to providers in 4 countries and across more than 12 states!