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                                                Social Skills Development Center


Thank you for your interest in our programs

Here's what you can expect from our team

Reach out

Send us an email, give us a call or utilize the contact form to get in touch. A team member will return your message within 48 hours. We will set up a mutually convenient time to have a 20-30 minute phone conversation about what motivated you to seek out social/behavioral supports. 

Initial Phone Intake  

This phone call allows us to get to know more about your individual child and family's needs, what motivated you to seek out a social skills group for your child and the skills that you hope are gained. The initial information provided also allows us to start to think about a "best fit" group and select the appropriate assessment tool to follow up with. At this time, you will also be welcomed to take a tour of our center. 


Parents are asked to fill out a series of surveys and questionnaires with the sole purpose of providing the Mission Cognition team more information about your child's specific and unique areas of need and strengths. We are a highly individualized program and use the information obtained to begin to prioritize goals and objectives. We may also ask for copies of your child's most recent IEP and other relevant reports and evaluations. 

Identification of service delivery model & Group Placement

We work very hard to assign students to groups with peers of similar age and need, but also groups with appropriate peer models. A "best fit" group may not always have an opening so it is possible that a family may be wait listed or referred to another provider if the wait will be more than a few weeks. We appreciate your patience and cooperation through the decision making and placement process. If it is determined that the initial focus should be on establishing pre-requisite skills needed to be safe and successful in group, we are happy to offer caregiver training as a first step toward group transition. Caregiver training is also available to currently enrolled students in need of extra support in the home & community. 

Finalized Registration & Goal Development

Welcome! If enrollment has been confirmed and registration finalized, it means that a "best fit" group has been identified and your child has been invited to join. We love making new friends and take an immense amount of joy in seeing positive social gains and progress week to week. The first day of group is the final step of the assessment process. Data collected via observation on day 1 is combined with parental input to finalize specific learner goals and objectives. 

Teaching Strategies

At Mission Cognition, we ONLY utilize evidence-based practices. This means that we read the research, are well versed in the literature and implement strategies and interventions that have been proven to work with the populations we serve. We combine professional expertise, refer to best research evidence and take into account client and values. Data is collected on goals and objectives and analyzed regularly to identify trends and make data driven decisions. For more information about evidence-based practices, you can navigate to the page at the top of the site. 

Progress reporting

We believe in communication! Because our students attend program so few hours every week, it's imperative that families and staff are on the same page with regards to the skills being taught and how we are addressing specific behaviors. Consistency is key and we also want to make sure that we are programming for generalization (carry over to other people and settings). Lesson plans and data are sent home after every group meeting. When a child is newly enrolled, we also follow up via email to summarize progress and plans. At the close of the session (8, 10 or 12 weeks) a full progress report is sent home. Additional meetings to discuss progress are available by appointment.