Mission Cognition, LLC

                                                Social Skills Development Center


We are pleased to offer the following Services

Preschool / Kindergarten

Developmental Play Group 1: Learners with emerging language in need of supports to make their wants and needs known, follow classroom & safety directions, play with toys as designed, transition, take turns, imitate actions & interact positively and reciprocally with peers

Social Skills Group: Learners with typically developing or near age level language skills who are in need of supports to participate successfully in a small group setting, expand play interests to include peers, move from solitary or parallel play to more associative and cooperative play, manage emotions, demonstrate good sportsmanship and communication skills. 


Developmental Play Group 2: Learners with emerging or limited language in need of supports to improve social awareness, initiate and respond to basic initiations from peers, attend in a small group, follow group directions and expand play and leisure skill repertoire.

Social Skills Group: Learners with typically developing or near age appropriate language who would benefit from explicit instruction on conversation skills, initiating, maintaining and ending play, dealing with conflicts, being more flexible, good sportsmanship, asking for help & clarification reading/responding to non verbal cues and more. 

Tweens / Teens

Leisure Skills Group : This group is most appropriate for learners with limited or emerging language who would benefit from supports to expand their leisure skills repertoire in order to utilize free time more appropriately and reduce stereotyped /repetitive behaviors. This group also focuses on increasing independence in a group setting. 

Social Skills Group: This is an advanced learner group. Instructors utilize Teaching Interaction Procedure to teach, model, role play and reinforce a wide range of skills specifically focused on supporting students who may be experiencing difficulty with initiating and maintaining friendships, carrying on reciprocal conversation with peers and dealing with other higher order social challenges.

Girl's Night!

This group is for tween and teen girls who are highly verbal and benefit from additional supports to gain and utilize the skills needed to navigate the complex social worlds of Middle & High school more successfully and confidently. 

Tween & Teen Fitness

This fitness program is hosted at Fit N Firm, a fitness studio adjacent to our facility. The program was developed by a behavior analyst and personal trainer to provide an opportunity for individuals with autism and related disabilities to interact with peers, utilize exercise equipment and work to improve fitness level.

Trainings & Prof. Consult

For caregivers, and other professionals interested in learning more about evidence-based practices (EBPs) and the practical application of those interventions in natural settings with a  specific emphasis on teaching play/leisure and social skills.