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Hi There! 

Thanks for stopping by! Mission Cognition Social Skills Development Centers proudly provide behavior analytic play and social skills instruction to learners with a wide range of social, behavioral and communication needs.  Our centers serve learners as young as three in our Developmental Playgroup program and every age in between through young adults in our preparing for life 'soft skills" program. 

Our team prides itself on getting to know each one of our participants as individuals. We have a thorough intake and assessment process which allows us to determine whether our service delivery model is a best fit to meet the unique needs of each of our applicants. We strive to offer a cutting edge, evidence-based, comprehensive & individualized program with a focus on teaching the skills needed to be successful in a wide range of social settings while also reducing barriers. 

 Our social skills groups are formed based upon not only age but also areas of strength and need as well as interests. Each of our groups has a global focus (3-5 primary target areas). The purpose of the global focus is to allow our team to target the core deficits of the individuals in the group via multiple practice opportunities each time the group meets. In addition to the global focus skill targets, each of our participants also has individual goals and objectives which are taught, practiced and reinforced weekly.  Progress towards meeting those goals is tracked and analyzed in order to make data driven decisions. 

Team MC is committed to the use of evidence-based practices and "sticking with science," while still maintaining a warm, welcoming and natural environment which has been carefully designed to promote generalization of skills to other settings. We are honored to be an international training site for other professionals and to date have provided consultation and/or training across 4 countries and 16 states reaching thousands of children. 

Looking forward to connecting with YOU soon!

Ashley & Team MC